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AA EPS 001 – The Launch Episode and How to record a cell phone call

Hello everyone,

My name is Sean.  I’m your Audio ACE who will help you to produce, record, and edit better audio for your creative projects.   In short,  it’s taken me a long time to get to this point.  I’ve had a lot of trials (and errors) which has transformed my experiences into wisdom.    I want to share that wisdom with you to help you.

The first 10 minutes of my first episode is my ‘why’ and how I got to this point.   The rest talks about how I connect an Iphone 7 to an audio interface to record a live cell phone call and provide a mix minus setup.  Why do it this way?  2 reasons usually.   A)  It’s easier for the guest to call a cell phone.  B)  Sometimes internet connectivity isn’t good enough to make skype and other solutions viable.


Equipment needed to record a cell phone call.

  1. A working cell phone (And lightning adapter if you’re using a Iphone 7)
  2. A Presonus or Focusrite audio interface with at least 2 inputs and 2 ouputs.  For mine, I’m using the Presonus FireStudio Project
  3. IK Multimedia Irig Pre
  4. XLR Microphone (such as the Audio-Technica 2100) and XLR cable (male to female).
  5. XLR male to 3.5mm male cable
  6. XLR male to 1/4″ male cable
    BTW – All of these can be purchased from Amazon

Steps on how to connect all of the equipment (this assumes that you have your audio interface functioning and can record into your inputs already)

  1. Connect lightning adapter to iphone
  2. Connect irig pre 3.5mm connector to lightning adapter
    1. Connect XLR male to 1/4″ male cable
      1. XLR side to the irig pre
      2. 1/4″ side to the line output #4 on the Presonus FireStudio Project
    2. Connect XLR male to 3.5mm male cable
      1. Connect the 3.5mm side to the headphone out on the irig pre.  This will be your guest ‘source’ audio.
      2. Connect the XLR side to the input 2 on the audio interface
  3. Connect XLR mic to input 1 on the audio interface
  4. Open up the software mixer (for presonus, its called Universal Control)
  5. Enable the first 2 tabs on the right (power them on so that the power button is blue)
    1. for Tab 1 (1/2 or Headphone mix), leave all the faders alone!
    2. click on Tab 2 (3/4) – pull down channel 2 all the down!
  6. Now it’s time to record!
    1. open your DAW
    2. arm tracks to record both input 1 and input 2 separately.
    3. Start recording!
    4. Start your call.
  7. Complete your call
  8. Edit your recording right in your DAW